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Innerscope Ear Spray Cleaner & Wax Removal

Innerscope Ear Spray Cleaner & Wax Removal

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(50ml) | Easy Ear Wax Removal & Ear Cleaner | Soothes & Prevents  Irritations, Cleanses Ear Canal | Replaces Q-Tips, Ear Candles, Q-Grips, Cotton Swabs, Ear  Drops | SAFE For All Ages

    1-2 sprays per ear is all it takes to dissolve earwax & cleanse
    your ears! Our unique spray application coats the entire ear canal at once & starts working immediately. You will literally "feel" it working as it begins to dissolve your earwax & cleanse away impurities. Use 1-2x/week for best results. 

    The included nozzle helps direct the spray into your ear canal  with the appropriate volume & speed, and has a flared tip to help protect the canal  from the nozzle being inserted too far. Simply spray 1-2x and let the solution work  its magic for 1-2 minutes. We recommend using it in the shower, before you shampoo, so that any excess liquid or wax naturally washes away as you shower.  Otherwise simply tilt your head to the side to accomplish this. 

    Our innovative formula uses chamomile extract  to help prevent & soothe irritations of the ear canal. This feature is great for anyone, but is ESPECIALLY useful for those who wear hearing aids, wireless earbuds,  Airpods, electronic hearing protection devices, or other hearing devices for long  periods of the day. 

    We use a gentle, isotonic washing solution that utilizes  surfactants to do the job. There's no propellant gas, no unpleasant cold sensations,  and no accidentally pushing earwax further into the canal. This makes our spray the perfect solution for all ages: babies, infants, toddlers, children & adults. 

    Our 50ml (1.69 fl oz) bottle contains nearly 3.5x more formula than the common 0.5 fl oz ear drops you'll find elsewhere.  
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