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InnerScope Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray

InnerScope Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray

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Dissolves, Cleans, Removes Earwax & Sweat from Hearing Aids, Airpods, Earbuds, Earplugs, in-Ear Monitors, Hearing Protection Devices 

(30ml) + Brush | Alcohol-Free 

    Besides being gross, earwax can wreak havoc on audio devices
     by clogging internal components and seriously degrading the sound quality & overall  performance. Our cleaning spray contains a moisturizing surfactant that safely &  effectively dissolves earwax, dirt, and other debris without damaging your device.

    Standard alcohol sprays & wipes can cause serious damage to  hearing devices & other electronics, lessening their lifespan in the process. Our  cleansing spray is specially formulated to be 100% safe to use on hearing aids, earmolds, Airpods, earbuds, earplugs, in-ear monitors, hearing protection devices,  and other electronics. 

    The included brush attachment gives you a safe &  convenient way to maximize the cleaning power of our spray. Simply spray 1-2x and  use the brush to clean the nooks & crannies of your device without damaging it. The  brush also has an anti-rotation spray button for increased comfort & ergonomics  when using. Excellent for elderly, senior citizens, or anyone with shaky hands. 

    Earwax, sweat, dirt & grime will clog audio & hearing  devices, reducing their performance & eventually breaking them down. With our  cleaning spray, all it takes is a few minutes 1x/day to cleanse your device of these  impurities, restore it to its original condition, and keep it operating at peak performance for years to come.
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